Amid all of our fun post-Christmas activities, we prepared for visitors to stay at our house – cousins came to visit!

My brother and his family escaped their Utah winter and enjoyed time outside with

We took them to our favorite bike park. It’s fun for all ages and it keeps every entertained and happy. (unless you’re Hunter on this trip and wreck on the first run – then it’s not so fun!)




My brother joined us after he got off work – nicely dressed for a day at the bike park. He opted for a couple runs looking like a missionary without a nametag. He insisted on keeping the tie on!







While the boys were busy on scooters and playing football we snuck away for some shopping. I always walk away a winner from this store.


We played a lot of games. Games with kids. Games at night after kids went to bed. We squeezed in some decent playing time.


On my birthday – before our foodtopia night (more on that later)  – we went for a family hike to the wind caves. We saw creatures, searched for Geocaching locations and took turns making up parts of the story. The landscape is just a little different than the hike we did when we were visiting them in Colorado last fall. The kids were careful not to fall on any cactus. Bennett came close to a cactus while he was holding hands with my brother hiking down the mountain and without skipping a beat and completely serious, Bennett shouted, “Why are you trying to hurt me?!” Being 5 years old is rough sometimes!

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

We brought in the new year early for our young kids with frisbee dodgeball at the church and a glow stick dance party. With the young kids tucked into bed, the adults played games and the older hung out until the clock struck midnight. We’re wild and crazy like that!





We loved having our visitors. So much fun packed in so little time. And an awkward outtake as I was testing light because it’s just funny.