Our weekend looked something like this:

Friday – I went and got a screen replacement on my phone. I dropped it Thursday night and it was toast. The screen was black and dead. Luckily the apple store came to my rescue. Steve and I took the two younger kids with us to Costco for a “quick trip” which is never quick while the other three were playing at their Nana’s house. We got to Steve’s mom’s house in time to watch our niece on FaceTime open her mission call – Madrid, Spain – she’s going to be amazing  and we are beyond excited for her.

Friday night around 10 pm, our doorbell rang. A little confused, we opened the door to our neighbor, returning from the mountains. Last year, he happened to have a truck full of snow coming from the mountains and he let our kids get their snow fix in the back of his truck. Evidently, Bennett has been asking him when he’s going to bring snow down again. So, at 10pm he was at our door with a truck full of snow. They unloaded it on the street and we became the coolest house on the block with kids and teenagers stopping by to make a snowball.

Saturday, between moments of their chore list, I found the kids outside by the snow hill. The weather was absolutely beautiful, but that meant the snow hill was melting by the minute. They had pool toys out there and the skateboard. There was a snowball fight. They were going to enjoy this pile until the bitter end. Cannon even wanted to eat lunch by it – sandwiches taste better by the snow. I’m sure the neighbor thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids play on their snow hill.

Weekend Fun

The kids spent the rest of the day outside. Rolling in fresh cut grass. Playing football. Riding scooters and bikes. They seized the day. And they even got their chores done!

Weekend Fun

Other highlights included a special evening for Hallie and Steve as they went to a fireside and were just rows away from two special leaders from our church, Elder Rasband and Elder Ballard. They both came back with pages of notes to share with me.

Church was great this morning and we spent the afternoon with friends when we hosted an outdoor neighborhood potluck with delicious soups and rolls. Weekends like this convince me the coming week is going to awesome! At least until Monday morning rolls around. 😉