I was driving in the car today. The sun was bright and the sky was blue. I was in a sweatshirt – because I notoriously run cold even in Arizona. And within just moments of hopping in the car, I was warm. I rolled down the windows and turned the radio up and I cruised along. Cannon was not a fan of the wind in his face, but I couldn’t roll up the windows and turn on the AC when it was so beautiful outside. February and March are the best months in my opinion and today I enjoyed the moment. After lunch, I snuggled up with Briggs in the hammock as I prepped him for nap. Time was still for just a few minutes as I used my foot to slowly rock us back and forth.

When the kids got home from school, Hallie insisted she do her homework in the hammock and once she was done, Bennett insisted he eat his snack in the same place. It’s a popular spot these days. Everyone recognizes what a great season we’re in.


In two more weeks the orange blossoms will be fragrant and we will be at the peak of awesome weather. And then we start to melt. Until then, the hammock will remain occupied.