This little guy loved having his grandpa in town for the week. He followed him around, insisted they sat next to each other to eat and read the same book over and over again. He skipped his nap most days because what grandpa was doing was far more exciting. And it finally caught up with him – he was tuckered out. He doesn’t fall asleep easily – and never does he fall asleep outside of his bed.

But tonight he couldn’t keep his eyes open. I asked him to grab his pajamas while I fed Briggs and put him to bed. I came out to find him snuggled up with Hallie’s blanket on the couch. He was screaming at me just an hour earlier because I took a bite of his bread. And now in a dim room with some light from the kitchen spilling over, he was quiet and still and I was filled with gratitude for this spunky kid.

Motherhood is exhausting and yet pulls through with amazingly redemptive moments!