Steve and I are planners by nature. We both function best when we know our schedules and what we have to look forward to. So we have calendar sessions where we sit down and map out what is on the horizon. Rarely is anything set in stone – but it just feels good to know its planned.

We recently had one of our planning sessions to calendar out the next couple months. Summer is approaching quickly and the end of the school year is always busy. We’ve got neighborhood gatherings, friends coming to visit, campouts, holiday weekends, my mom’s visit, etc. Before we knew it we were to the end of school and summer vacations took over the calendar. Obviously, some of these events don’t take an entire weekend – but many do. Our “free” weekends are minimal which means Saturday projects and yard work will be minimal. Plus it’s getting warm outside – we’re being pushed into our summer hibernation a little early this year.

Steve’s been taking advantage of the cool evenings to get everything in. He also gets the kids to help…which is usually more work than help. We’re building habits right? Bennett only loves the work when he has the backpack blower. Suddenly yard work is cool when he’s got that thing strapped to his back.

Bennett Backpack Blower

The weekend’s yard work is done. Which is great because we have general conference – church on TV as our kids call it. 8 hours of inspiration coming my way – and a chance to filter through my Lightroom catalog and purge unwanted photos. Happy weekend.