We happened to have an unusually busy weekend. Rushing from one commitment to the next, only home long enough to really make a mess and then never fully have time to get it put back together.  What should’ve been a beautiful Easter church service today ended up being exhausting with Briggs and Cannon had a nice long bloody nose right down the front of his shirt; we came home early.

As we walked out the door for our family Easter dinner tonight with one screaming child, I was tired: Physically, but mostly mentally. Not at all how I had envisioned the day going. In my exhaustion of the day, I’d lost sight of the focus. I spent the 5-minute drive collecting my thoughts and composure.

We were celebrating Easter – our Savior’s sacrifice and resurrection. It’s a beautiful day. It’s the day the tomb was found empty because He had risen. It’s the day we rejoice in because we find peace in knowing we can all conquer death. It’s the day that gives us comfort in our grief of losing loved ones. It’s a day to celebrate knowing darkness does not last. It is a beautiful day.

We were fortunate to walk into a home tonight filled with some of the people we love most in this life – our family and I was overcome with gratitude.  I have faith that we are a forever eternal family because of Him. With 5 young children our lives are loud and often chaotic but I seek and find peace in Him. It took some time today to truly feel the spirit of the day, but I felt it tonight and it was powerful. I am grateful for my Savior and I love these people with all my heart. Happy Easter.

Easter 2017