Bennett six years old

Bennett is pretty excited about his birthday tomorrow. We were talking about it tonight and he suddenly had a worried look on his face. He looked down at his shorts, which are brand new, and said, “I hope these fit tomorrow after I grow.” He can hardly contain his excitement – he’s been counting down for over a month and it was before Christmas when he started asking about his 6 year old party. Here are a few things we love about Bennett.

He’s our wittiest child – and he’s got excellent comedic timing.

He loves to eat and likes most everything. After a full dinner meal, he’ll grab the Costco sized bag of carrots and go to town.

He does best when we follow routines and he knows what to expect. At 12:01 on a Saturday afternoon he’s wondering why we haven’t had lunch yet. One benefit to his routines is he rarely misses a day of making his bed.

His excitement level can run really high and it can be exhausting at times.

His teacher at church keeps a log of all the funny things he says and shares it with me – he has me laughing and crying.

He has the best imagination. I’ll find him in a room playing by himself running through all the character’s dialogue. He loves being with his siblings and friends, but he does well on his own and sometimes needs it.

He’s easily our most dramatic kid – we need to get him in acting groups asap to channel it – he would love to be hamming it up in front of people. He’s also the most animated. We’ll have a great book someday of all his crazy faces.

He’s our middle child and he makes sure we never forget about him. We love him to pieces. Happy Birthday Mr. B.

Bennett six years old