Here’s to keeping it real…

We were supposed to go to a family function on Sunday night. We had my mom visiting and dropped her off to visit her brother. Bennett wasn’t feeling well and threw up while in the car. Luckily, every ounce made it in the ziplock bag. We ended up not seeing family that night.

Yesterday, Briggs and Cannon weren’t feeling well but nothing really came of it. By last night, I was in pain and spent the entire night snuggled up to the toilet. Steve was supposed to fly out this morning for a work trip and this morning, seeing my condition, he debated whether he should cancel his flight. I assured him my mom could help me out.

Hunter enters our room at 6:30. He had been up for a few hours sick. Even then, I assured Steve my mom could help me. Steve continued to get kids ready for school, learning my mom was sick as well. He promptly cancelled his ticket, just 15 minutes before he was to walk out the door.

How awful, all three of us sick, at the same time.

Hours later, I could hear Cannon crying and shortly later, Steve entered the room and declared another one down. I was thinking it was something we had eaten. Cannon ruined that theory – he didn’t eat the same dinner as us the night before. Must be the bug that so many kids at the school have come down with.

Steve had his hands full a good portion of the morning, juggling Briggs and helping Cannon. He got his mom to take Briggs out of the contaminated home and focused on moving from room to room taking care of us.

Shortly before school was out, the school nurse called and Hallie wasn’t feeling well. She got home just in time…another one down. 5 of us under the weather – and Steve handled it like a champ, without any complaints. Being sick is not fun at all – but I think my position today was much better than Steve’s position. I can’t imagine what we would’ve done if he’d gone on his work trip.

My mom was supposed to fly out tomorrow, but seeing her condition tonight we changed her ticket. I’m praying all the kids get the rest they need tonight to make a full recovery and even more so, praying that Steve dodges this nasty bullet.

Never a dull moment.