My mom came to visit and it ended up not being her greatest trip.

We first 48 hours were great. We played, we went to a market and we played. She helped me go through my entire wardrobe and purge items. I told her I want to help her do the same…not sure she liked that idea. She played games with the kids. We went for walks at night. She enjoyed the warmth and sunshine – something Idaho has been lacking lately. Mom's visit

Sunday night we took my mom to go see her brother. Bennett’s said he wasn’t feeling well and threw up in the car. At the time we thought it was an isolated incident – probably something he ate.

Monday morning we did some shopping – kids came home from school – by evening I’m wasn’t feeling well and it hit me hard at 10. I’m was down.

It trickled through everyone – except Steve – even my mom caught the bug. Here she was on vacation and we gave her a stomach bug. Our plans for fun outings and girl’s night out were cancelled. Restaurants we were going to visit no longer sounded good. Projects we were going to work on didn’t happen. It was kind of a bummer deal all the way around.

My mom’s sickness lasted the longest and we ended up contacting Southwest to change her ticket. They were great and allowed a 24-hour delay ticket change free of charge. (One of the many reasons why we love Southwest!)

That 24-hours was just enough to get her on the plane – still not feeling her best but not nauseous.

Luckily we snagged some pictures Sunday afternoon before we all fell ill.

I feel like we were shortchanged just a bit on her visit this time. Luckily I see her again soon with summer just around the corner. We’ll make up for it then. Miss you mom – but I’m sure you don’t miss having my kids get you sick!