Steve and the boys went on their annual father/sons camping trip and all the pictures with dirt covered faces convinced me they must have had a great time.

I always pack the boys bags for their little adventure and every year I laugh when the boys come home in the exact clothes that they left in. They don’t bother with the pajamas I pack, or even the clean underwear. They humor me by telling me they brushed their teeth but I don’t totally believe them.

This year our brother-in-law and his three boys joined in on the fun. More boys = More dirt = More fun.

Staying up late – eating too many marshmallows – most likely not brushing their teeth. It’s little boy heaven. Throw in a little accident thanks to the mesh wall and you have a weekend that no mom would ever approve of. Which is exactly why they love it. Another year in the books. And I’m counting down the time until Briggs can go which will give Hallie and I an uninterrupted girls weekend!