I thought for sure I was going to carry Briggs into Kindergarten in his carseat. He had been crawling around the house and cruising around furniture forever. In fact, the pediatrician kept telling me he was going to be an early walker… months later I wanted to call him a liar. The kid had no interest in taking steps, in fact for the longest time he couldn’t even stand without assistance.

But I’m happy to report – he’s finally walking. He’s wobbly and he often reverts back to crawling because it’s faster for him. For the first two weeks, he would walk from furniture to walls to people. But last week, he started standing up in a room and walking. Oh happy day. I know I should be sad that our last one is walking and we’re closing a chapter, but I’m not. I’m beyond excited for him to walk and even more excited I don’t have to scrub his knees! (And you can clearly see pants are an optional accessory around here – at least for Briggs – for the others pants are mostly mandatory!)

Briggs Walking