We need our water fearing child to be safe in the pool which means we need him swimming. This is not an easy task when said child doesn’t like water anywhere near his head! But I’m happy to report, he’s made a lot of progress.

The first 5 lessons, he cried the minute I told him it was time for him to put his swimsuit on. He cried through the whole lesson and he repeatedly asked the swim instructor through his tears how many more turns he had. The teacher was patient and persistent.

After the 5th lesson, we came home and he got right back in the pool. No longer was it lessons, but it was fun pool time. He jumped off the edge over and over again without a tear in sight. Wouldn’t you know, his 6th and final lesson there was no fight, no tears and he willingly jumped. Not only did he willingly jump – he could swim back to the side. Over and over again.

He was so excited that the minute Steve got home from work, Cannon required his attention at the diving board to show-off his mad skills.

He made a lot of progress in his six lessons (Arizona teaches swim unlike any other place I’ve seen) and yet, he’s still not drawn to the water like the other kids were. Could he save himself if he fell in – yep. But is he begging to go swimming – not yet. But we’ve got a long summer ahead of us to get him loving it.