Three years ago, Hallie had a friend starting tennis lessons. Hallie had just turned 8 years old which is the age we start sports for our children and she wanted to join her friend and take lessons. Steve played tennis growing up and I’ve picked it up since being married and we would love for all of our kids to play so we were completely supportive of her taking lessons.

Luckily, she loved playing. And she was a good little athlete so she picked it up quickly. And the next year she went on to continue lessons with another group and another coach. This year we found another group – and we’re related to all of them! What is more fun than tennis lessons with your cousins?!  The group was constantly changing depending on who could attend any particular Saturday – there was usually four of them ready to play.

Hallie was the youngest in the group. She doesn’t like to make mistakes especially in front of others who are older than her, but she kept at it and I could see her confidence build week after week. She’s probably passed me up!

I played a lot of sports growing up but more than anything I wish one of them was tennis! Hopefully we will have a couple more tennis players in the family.