Some of you with young children might be able to relate with me on this – but sometimes I just want to be in my own house…alone. I know those that are not in my stage are quick to remind me that it goes by quickly and before I know it they’ll be gone. And I understand that. But while I’m in the trenches, one day to myself sounds completely dreamy.

My loving husband gave me that day for my birthday. A day that I could do absolutely anything I wanted without having to worry about feeding kids, playing referee or arranging my schedule around nap time – and that day was yesterday. I’m going to downplay just how amazing it was because I don’t want my kids to think I’d rather be alone – although sometimes I do shut myself in my room for a little mom time-out. Some might use a day like this to read a book by the pool. Others might want to clean and organize. My list consisted of easy, yet seemingly pesky tasks that just weren’t getting done on my project to-do list.

Finish sewing some table runners (from fabric leftover from Hunter’s baptism last fall)
Painting the boy’s closet built-in from earlier this springSaturday Projects
Some touch-up paint from when we painted Hallie’s room just before vacation and rehanging frames
Adding switches to the boys over-the-bed lights
Fixing the smoke detector upstairs
Painting letters I’d cut out of wood before Christmas to make a sign
Saturday Projects
Running to Home Depot for more supplies and a little shopping/returning while I was out and about

And before I knew it – my childless day was over. Of course there are still things on my list – it’s never ending – but I’ll just keep plugging away slowly but surely. Summer is hard with all the kids home all the time so this day was perfectly timed, I needed a day of production among the long hazy days of summer.