Today we celebrated Steve with all sorts of goodness, and yet we were gone most the day and haven’t even opened his gifts or had cake. Which means the celebrating will bleed into tomorrow which is exactly how Steve likes it. He calls it birthday week.

I’m not sure if I ever accurately depict Steve on this blog. It’s hard to capture in writing his sensitivity. In people. In situations. He is sensitive. He views himself as quiet, but he is quick and witty and extremely funny. And often self-deprecating. He sees the good in everyone. He’s always quick to point out that we never fully know and understand someone’s situation, and he’s right every single time. He’s very athletic and loves everything sports and yet doesn’t spend much time playing because he’d rather be with the family.  He rarely has an opinion on things in the house or anything relating to his wardrobe, which is to my advantage most of the time. His needs are slim and his heart is giving. He is truly one-of-a-kind.

I often tell the kids they don’t quite comprehend it yet, but they hit the dad jackpot. I asked each of the kids what they loved about their dad:
Hallie: Loves how he will go into her room at night and read the scriptures with her to help her understand them better.
Hunter: Loves that he plays games with him (and now that they’re old enough, they can play Steve’s favorite games and even beat him at times!)
Bennett: Loves that he gives scratchies and songs before bed.
Cannon: Loves that he shares his breakfast shake every single morning.

And I love that he lets me be me and encourages me in all my hobbies and interests (as long as I stay somewhat focused and not leave the house in a complete disaster!). Happy Birthday!