It’s been over a month since we went to Lake Powell and I’m ready to go back, it was just as great as everyone told me it would be.

Several months ago a group text was started with many of our Milwaukee friends (none of which live there anymore) talking about a Lake Powell trip. Steve has told me for years this was his dream vacation and we were quick to commit. As the vacation grew closer we started to doubt our quick commitment. We have little kids (but so does everyone else). How fun is it really going to be trying to keep kids in life jackets all day long? Is a week too long to be on the lake – what were we going to do the whole time?! What in the world are we going to do with Briggs? All these worries on top of Steve’s hectic work schedule about made us pull the plug on the trip all together. I thank my lucky stars we didn’t back out.

More than anything we wanted to reconnect with so many old friends and we knew a week this group would be full of laughs and adventure.

We started working through our worries, number one worry being Briggs. We knew he’d be a handful. I was never worried for his safety, but I knew he would take time and attention away from Cannon and he was the one I worried for his safety. It’s Cannon’s age that could wander off without a life jacket unnoticed. Just days before we were supposed to leave, we found a babysitter for Briggs and that decision alone changed the entire vacation for us.

Next worry was keeping lifejackets on the kids. I researched like crazy trying to find a comfortable life jacket that Cannon could wear for 14 hours a day. I then realized his puddle jumper (just around his chest and arms) was coast guard approved – game changer! That lifejacket is so comfortable he had no problems keeping it on all day long.

Our last major concern was Steve’s work. With Briggs staying back in Arizona we had to drive two cars up to Lake Powell (my car would continue on to Utah after Powell and Steve would return to get Briggs and fly up to Utah for a conference). We had a great couple days before work and worry became too much so Steve left two days early – and he was able to return home to some pressing needs.

I’m not one to enjoy sitting around or lounging in the sun – but this vacation was none of that. We had 7 families; four stayed on the houseboat, three stayed in hotels and came in every morning on their boats. With 4 boats, 5 paddle boards, a couple tubes and a floating island, there was always an activity to participate in. 

More pictures to come…