The last thing I want to do at the end of July is sit through swim lessons. It’s hot and miserable. We had Cannon in lessons in May (more bearable) and he hated it but was water safe. I figured he would practice in the pool this summer and next May we would put him back in lessons to strengthen his swimming.

But my favorite swim teacher came out of retirement to teach some lessons (the last time she taught was Hunter and Hallie when we first moved back) and as luck would have it the only session she had was the end of July. She is my favorite swim teacher and I am willing to nearly sweat to death to have Cannon learn from her.

The first day of lessons it was pouring rain (thank you monsoon season) but no lightning so she held classes. Cannon was in tears putting on his swim suit just thinking about swim lessons. I had to use my best negotiating skills to get him in the pool…and there was never another tear. Something clicked in him. He suddenly saw swimming as fun and has become quite the little fish. I’m not sure what the magic sauce was – perhaps the rain storm – perhaps the teacher – whatever it was, I’ll take it. He wants to swim everyday and is close to swimming the length of the pool after jumping off the diving board. Having another kid swimming is more of a relief than anything. With so many pools at so many houses the sooner my kids swim, the better. One kid left. Hopefully this teacher will stick around for another year or two!

swimming lessons