I was editing photos from our summer road trip and and I came across our camping trip with my brother. Taking five young kids camping is an adventure especially when Steve and I are not camping regulars (luckily my brother and his wife are!). Exactly 8 years from today we went on our first family camping trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Back then I thought two small kids were a handful and they were. We now know what an armful feels like!

Brace yourself…we went camping.

Pitch a tent…tin foil dinners…smores…mosquitoes…boating…the whole works!

We went down to Lake Geneva with four other families for a holiday weekend camping trip. We we’re new to the family camping scene and I think it was a success. We brought the portable crib for Hunter to sleep in which was a good decision. We kept Hallie up late enough that she slept like a champ as well.

Although the gigantic mosquitoes were pretty cool, the boating experience was much more enjoyable. Hallie spent her time on the boat/tube and loved every minute. She had this permanent grin from ear to ear and laughed the whole time she was on the tube.
Steve was also in heaven with the boat- it felt like a little piece of Arizona in Wisconsin. He went out wakeboarding until the sun went down and again the minute the sun came up. Steve is a fish out of water. He loves it. He loves to swim in it, look at it, and wakeboard in it. He would prefer to live on a lake and I’m afraid after this weekend the kids college funds will go to the purchase of a boat!! I on the other hand love warm water- the problem is finding a lake with warm water which means I often opt out of jumping in. I love being on a boat though. I really like the movement and the sound of a boat. I love watching Hallie get so excited as she sees the waves crash against the boat, or Steve jumping on the boat again after a great “ride” or holding Hunter as he drifts in and out of sleep being lulled by the hum of the boat. Man we had a good time- We have been converted to camping- it was just that fun.