I came across this picture from Vintage Revivals and it spoke to me and I chuckled. Because it’s the story of my life. (probably no surprise to those that know me) My kids are used to it by now. Hallie has mastered the eye roll. Like at dinner tonight – we had corn on the cob and she asks me (with a knife already on the table), “Well, what should I cut it off with?” It was probably her tone that sent me immediately to a sarcastic comment, in order to deflect the attitude, “A spoon of course!” She was irritated that I hadn’t already cut her corn off – and I’m looking at her thinking she’s old enough to figure it out. When in reality she wanted me to drop helping everyone else to assist with the corn. Luckily, she’s a good sport. She knows if she asks a question like that she’s bound to get a funny comment and then she gives me the eye roll with a smirk. And she knows she was asking for it.

Steve’s no stranger to sarcasm – which is why we crack ourselves up. We don’t do it in anger or frustration, we use sarcasm to lighten the mood or to get a good reaction, it’s our family’s humor – which the kids are starting to appreciate. And we have a few that are just plain funny. I think I need this board!