I just posted about my laundry minions two days ago and ironically I was the one that screwed up the load today. I asked Hallie to grab the sheets and some clothing out of the dryer when she got home from school. I hear her concerned voice one room over, “Mom, there’s pink spots over everything.” As soon as she said it, my heart sank. My memory was jogged and in that precise moment, I remember Briggs dropping something in the dryer, that made a clinking sound earlier. I was loading the washer at the time, and I was planning on pulling whatever it was that he dropped in there after…I forgot – until Hallie said there was pink on everything. He dropped a crayon in there, I knew exactly when it had happened and I never checked the dryer. A whole load covered in pink, including my favorite shirt and skirt. I can’t remember the last time I ruined a load with a crayon, I think the last kid to do that was Hunter years ago.

Or course, in my time of need I turned to pinterest. Surely, someone else had figured out how to solve my problem. I read several remedies and they all said basically the same thing: Boiling water, Dawn soap, vinegar and laundry detergent, soak. I gave it my best shot. But it didn’t improve the load even in the slightest. The whole load was a lost cause.

I quickly repurchased my skirt online which happened to be on the most phenomenal clearance sale ever, but I wasn’t so lucky on the sheets. They don’t have this particular color anymore. Luckily her room has pink in it so the splotches will blend with the decor. 🙂