This face follows me around the house, clinging to my leg. If we have music on it’s usually a happy face. If there’s no music and no milk in his hand he tends to be sober suds or whiney. Either way, he’s at my leg. If I’m on the couch, he’s in my lap and his first request is always the trolls soundtrack. He says “mom” 100 times a day and only uses it to get my attention maybe three of those times.

He has an obsession with shoes right now. He tries to put his brother’s shoes on and then gets frustrated when he can’t walk in them. He loves to go for walk “Go-go” and when he’s lucky, he makes it in the stroller for dad’s morning run.

He’s spicy. He doesn’t like many people outside the immediate family although many have tried making friends with him, including his diligent but unsuccessful older cousins. Not sure how dropping him off at nursery next week is going to go!

He enjoys throwing himself on the floor, playing dead, and then giggles uncontrollably.

And I’ve been trying for a week to get a decent smiling picture of him for my mom and I’ve fallen short. We’ll trying again next week.