Summer days are soon behind us. I’m not one to get worked up about savoring the final days. We have had an amazing summer with some amazing experiences and memories and now it’s time to get back to school.

school supplies

School supplies line our dining room table – ready to take to Meet-the-Teacher tomorrow night. The kids have clothes that fit them in their closets. (Why is it such a process to keep the flow of clothing in a home. Passing down from one kid to the next. Storing until the next kids fits into it. Never mastered this process.) But we’ve waded through all the clothing and everything fits now. They each have new tennis shoes. After three years of using his backpack, Hunter finally graduated from his kindergarten backpack. Hallie has had her haircut and hopefully I will get around to cutting the boys hair tomorrow. They’re planning out lunch ideas. They know what kids are in their classes and are excited to reconnect.

We’ve got two days left to swim and play games and finish summer reading. I won’t miss the crying and fighting and constantly asking if it’s lunch time. But I will miss seeing little moments like this: Snuggled up in bed reading a good book. Summer has been good to us.