We’re celebrating Hunter!

Hunter has had a year of growth.   

He’s learning the fine balance of teasing and playing. Of fighting and wrestling. Of witty and smart mouth. It’s taken years to get him to see the difference, but he’s figuring it out and it’s fun to see him mature.

As I looked back on pictures over the year, I realized, he’s the one that escapes my camera the most. He already rolls his eyes when I ask for a picture so we’re having to be creative.

He is as tender as they come and it’s been most evident in his relationship with Briggs. They adore each other.

He loves all things sports and is always up for playing or watching.

He is playful. He jokes, he laughs, he hides behind doors, he makes faces – he loves to have fun.

He is mischievous, but he’s happy. And we’re happy that he’s ours.

Happy Birthday buddy!