Nine year old boys, who love sports, are easy to please when it comes to birthday presents. He had Green Bay Packer trinkets in his birthday bucket, he got an ASU football jersey and tickets to a soccer game locally with some friends. He was on top of the world.

Not to mention he got to choose lunch – Taco Bell. We picked up the largest birthday smoothie from Dutch Brothers. He delivered Krispy Kremes to his class. His grandparents picked him up after school for ice cream. He was so excited to go to soccer practice on his birthday and his dinner of choice: cereal. After every soccer practice he asks if he can have cereal because he’s so hot. Oddly enough, cereal is rarely on our dinner menu. But it was on the menu for his birthday!

He spent the night exploring the house with his new black light flashlight. Luckily there were no scorpions in the house. However, he did find some places in the bathroom that he didn’t clean very well!

Nine is looking good on him!