I’m not sure what your Saturday afternoons look like but this is my view. We work as a family in the morning doing yard work and house work – and now soccer games for Hunter. By lunch time – every one is starving – and Steve mans the grill and turns out quesadilla after quesadilla. Briggs has learned how to push his chair around and climb up to enjoy life at the big kid’s table.

Getting dressed is optional – as is evident. Some are still in their pajamas and others (under the age of 2) wear nothing. What you can’t see is the living room that has a vacuum left out, a board game partially finished on the floor and the TV has a football game on. It doesn’t quite matter what team is playing – it’s college football and it’s a part of our Saturdays.

We’re only two weeks into the season and we’re convinced it might be ASU’s worse season yet. We’re also convinced BYU is going to let us down and I’m not so sure BSU is going to make me feel any better. We’re holding out hope that Wisconsin stays strong so we have a winning team to cheer for. Wish us luck!

Saturday afternoon