All the kids went to school today and learned once again why this day is important and why it’s a day of remembrance.

Even Cannon at preschool was taught why it’s such a special day.

Our neighborhood was lined with flags blowing in the breeze, a beautiful sight.

And tonight we talked as a family about the events of this day 16 years ago. Where we were and what we were doing. Steve was on his mission in Peru and although he heard about it, he was somewhat insulated from it all. I was in college and it hit hard. I couldn’t seem to get away from the news of it. I explained to the kids that I walked from one building where 4 different TVs had 4 different news station coverage to another building where there were more TVs displaying even more coverage. Every building had more TVs showing the same painful footage. My roommates who never seemed to go to class had the TV on the news every waking hour. Every newspaper, magazine, radio station – it was all centered on one topic. And not just for a day but week, after week. Which is why it’s a day I’ll never forget. Its burned into my memory.

September 11