I’m not sure if there are any other This Is Us fans out there, but both Steve and I are hooked.

I was in from the day they aired the first episode. It stars by boy Milo from Gilmore Girls, so I was bound to be a fan. I know a lot of people compare it to Parenthood, and thats a great show, but it felt completely different.

What I love about this show, is the manner in which the story is told. It’s not linear. It jumps back and forth between different time periods which is what has me captivated. They give clues as to what happens in the past by talking about it in the present, but they do such a fantastic job of slowly unraveling those details. Every episode leaves me wanting more. It’s one of those shows I might be better binge watching than waiting one week to the next.

There are some characters I love more than others, but their development is on point. I sympathize with some, empathize with others and I have been known to cry during episodes because there’s so much emotion. It’s that good.

After I was committed, I convinced Steve to watch one with me and then I made him start over. You’ve got to start from episode one. I say all this because – Monday it’s back. Brand new season and we’re a little excited. Steve is not much for TV shows, unless it’s Survivor, and this has him re-watching the season more than once. He’s making his way through a third time in preparation for Monday. I have no doubt its going to be good. You have a couple days. Do yourself a favor and start binge watching. You have time to get them all in by Monday and we can all enjoy it virtually together. Happy watching.