tooth fairy scam

Bennett came home from school as excited as could be to show me his new smile – sans a tooth. He told me it was wiggly a couple days ago but I was surprised he got it out so quickly. And really, what kid doesn’t want to lose their first tooth at school with all the attention and recognition that comes along with it. He lost his tooth, they gave him a tooth necklace to keep it safe – it was pretty much a first grade boy’s dream.

He was geared up that night for the tooth fairy. He had heard stories from his siblings about how long the tooth fairy can take sometimes and Bennett just kept saying that he hoped it came that night. Shockingly enough, the tooth fairy was not too busy to pay him a visit that night. The next morning I heard some squabbles upstairs as the boys were getting ready for school and then him mumbling about the tooth fairy…he went to school and it didn’t come up again – until a few days later.

Sunday night I heard Bennett crying in his room when he should’ve been getting ready for bed. I went upstairs to investigate. He was crying that he couldn’t find the tooth and now the tooth fairy wouldn’t come. I was thoroughly confused because the tooth fairy had visited him. I explained that even though the tooth fairy didn’t take his tooth, sometimes it’s just hard for them to find the tooth in the dark, he still got his money so he was good.

But he didn’t get his money. Now I was really confused. Was there any money under your pillow. Yes. Well, that was from the tooth fairy. No, that was Hunter’s money. He put it there and I had to give it back to him.

I shot dagger looks at Hunter who was looking pretty sheepish. I asked Hunter if he put any money under the pillow. No. Where is the money now. He walked to his closet and took the dollar bill out of his wallet.

Are you kidding me?! Bennett’s first experience with the tooth fairy and he’s scammed by his brother.

Oh man, I think I had steam coming out of my head. I’m going to have to keep my eye on that kid. And I’m documenting this incident so years from now when I retell this story when he’s older and he tries to deny that he ever pulled such a sneaky stunt – I’ve got this journal entry to prove otherwise.

Tooth fairy scam