Our Halloween celebrations kickoff this weekend with a neighborhood potluck/party. I’m in denial that in a few short days I’ll need to remove all the spooky black and orange decor and replace it with somewhat boring Thanksgiving decor. Sometimes when Thanksgiving is early in the month – I tend to bypass the decor all together and move on to Christmas!

But for now, we’re still focused on Halloween and we will be just a little bit longer as I push to finish the final touches on a couple of costumes. Every year I tell myself I’m going to finish earlier and every year I find myself running around the day before. Luckily, all the costumes will be done for the neighborhood party which means I’ll be done days before it’s actually Halloween!

Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor

Here’s a little insight into my life. Behind all the fun Halloween decor is a dark secret that I hide behind the laundry room door. You see, I’m in costume making mode right now which means the entryway is clean. The living room is mostly clean. The kitchen could use a little love. And the laundry room needs to be burned. Which is why I’m only letting people into my entry way! 🙂

There are so many things about this picture that make me laugh, including Hunter’s soccer socks that he clearly wants washed so he stuck them on the counter instead of putting them in his load that he washed yesterday. There are a few remnants from Cannon’s birthday party last week. Left over fabric from several costumes I’ve been working on. Clean baskets of clothes that have no hope of being folded anytime soon. And the other side of the room (my sewing station) is even more embarrassing! This space has yet to be renovated since we bought the home several years ago so it’s my least favorite space in the house which is why I treat it like this.

One day sweet laundry room I’ll gut you and start over and then I’ll treat you with more love. Until then…Happy weekend!