We are in full-swing Halloween costume planning mode. We’ve scoured pinterest. We met as a family, where voting was involved. We decided on the family theme and everyone was excited about their costumes. Then I ended up in the hospital and I decided I didn’t have it in me to follow through with our plan. So we went to plan C. (Yes, there was a plan B, after further research I realized it too would require too much.)

I’ve got everyone squared away as to what they want, its now time to execute. Steve is being only slightly uncooperative.  (Let it be known, he is surprisingly willing to play along with my crazy ideas!) After I presented his costume idea, he shot me down quickly. He’s hoping his costume this year doesn’t have something covering his head or require any face paint – I feel as though he’s stifling my creative energy!

I’m going to have to think outside the box just a bit because my current ideas don’t fit his criteria!

DIY Jack in the box costume
DIY Jack-in-the-Box head

Lego Halloween Costume
DIY Lego Costumes

Incredibles halloween costume