I was in Utah this past weekend and I was reminded that the majority of people are starting to feel the cool down that comes with the fall season. We’re still living an extension of summer around here as far as weather is concerned and it’s hard to believe fall break is next week.

Here’s a wrap up of some of our last moments of summer fun.

We had plenty of pool movies – always a kid favorite. However, agreeing on what movie should be watched is always a battle.

We got all the kids ready for school with dental appointments for all. A necessary evil!

The parks are deserted in the summer time, but sometimes we brave the heat for some water fun at the splash pad. Even then, it was too hot for the splash pad. The kids were known for complaining that our pool was even too warm.

Steve loves hot diggity dogs – sometimes he shares with us.

Dutch Brothers knows how to make a festive birthday smoothie. Steve highly recommends the peach/mango smoothie.

We celebrated Steve’s birthday with family and friends at Sunsplash waterpark.

Steve left for a weekend for his nephew’s wedding in Idaho. I was supposed to be in attendance but Briggs was in an extremely tough stage (still kind of is) and we didn’t feel good about leaving him, especially when all the family would be in Idaho with us. So Steve represented us and enjoyed his time in cooler weather surrounded by the people he loves.

While dad was away, the kids did play…at the IDEA museum on our Pogo Pass. They’ve got sections geared for older kids and play areas for younger kids so everyone enjoyed their time.

Bennett’s face lost against the edge of the table while playing in the play room.

We delivered balloons (to release into the sky) to a friend on the anniversary of her father’s and brother’s death. I love to hear her talk about her memories of them, I feel like I know them.

Briggs has a serious obsession with shoes. Mostly his own, but when he can’t find his own, he seeks out Cannon’s and demands we put them on him and then cries when they fall off. I’ve started putting shoes on him every morning that he can’t take off so we can avoid some of those daily meltdowns.

What kid doesn’t search through cupboards looking for anything to pull out and play with it? My kitchen floor is littered with bowls and cupcake liners and water bottles.

While Briggs is pulling out everything not locked in a cupboard, Cannon always has magformers in hand. There are never enough – even when we own multiple sets.

Perfect spot in the house – perched on top of the shoe bucket to get a better look over the couch.

Shoes were hanging on for dear life before new school shoes could be taken out of their boxes. How are kids so hard on their shoes?!

I think that about sums up our random moments of summer!

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