Hunter doesn’t have a soccer game this weekend. ASU is playing away. And we’ve planted our winter grass and it’s too early to cut it. Which ultimately means our Saturday is looking wide open. Although we have a lot on the horizon I need to prepare for: Costumes, multiple birthdays and friend parties. Naturally, I’ve already mentally mapped out the day and I’m booked solid – I just can’t tell Steve that or else he gets overwhelmed. 🙂

Before I move on to more birthdays – Hunter finally cashed in on his birthday experience gift with some teammates from his soccer team. Phoenix is bidding for an MLS team and they’ve built a temporary stadium close to us to house the club team. We realized a couple weeks ago, although Hunter is playing soccer (his first season) he has never actually seen a game – professional or not. It was good for him to see what soccer is supposed to look like – as opposed to his 7 vs 7 league he’s playing in now.

Steve said he was pleasantly surprised with the stadium, fans and experience. The crowd can make or break a game and they made it. A while back we attended a football game for the cardinals and the fans were rough and vulgar. Not quite the family friendly environment we’d hoped for and we haven’t been back.

Phoenix rising was different. If the season wasn’t over we’d be attending more games – we’ll keep an eye out for them next year.