Bennett came home from a friend’s house with a snowcone – and the minute he walked in the door, he had a little shadow. Briggs saw his cup and it didn’t matter what was in it, he wanted a taste. Bennett made his way outside to enjoy his snowcone privately…until Briggs showed up. I watched from the couch to see how it would play out and I was pleasantly surprised. I was waiting for Bennett to run off to the top of the clubhouse where little brother’s can’t reach him.

But instead, he stayed on the patio and gave one bite to Briggs and took another 5 bites for himself. With each bite he took, Briggs’ grunts became louder and louder until Bennett shoved the spoon in his mouth. This process repeated itself over and over again until Bennett showed the bottom of the cup to Briggs and he was satisfied to finally leave Bennet alone. There were no tears. No fighting. Just a little brotherly love and saliva swapping!