It’s officially turkey week! The beginning of the holiday madness – what we like to call the calm before the storm.

I feel as though Thanksgiving has been slightly overlooked this year in our household. I had all intentions to put up decorations but by the time I got Halloween decor down and knowing Thanksgiving was early this year, I’d be ripping Thanksgiving down in no time to make room for Christmas. I would love a little more breathing room between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Can’t Halloween be bumped to September?!

The only decor that made an appearance this year was the pallet turkey on our patio.

Pallet Turkey

Last year at this time I had a friend visiting and we decided on a whim to do a project that she could fit in her suitcase and take home with her. (Which ended up only kind of fitting!) I had pallets left over from a project and I was about to throw them out when they were finally repurposed.

Pallet Turkey

The only tools we used were a scroll saw and a drill. We put pieces of wood together and traced three different sized circles and cut with the scroll saw and attached them together with screws. We shaped the feathers and cut with a scroll saw as well as the legs and feet. The face took some time drawing and redrawing – cutting and then recutting.

My friend went home with a semi-unassembled turkey with intentions to piece it together when she got home. I just learned recently she still isn’t quite done – and she asked that I not un-friend her for not finishing it yet. 🙂 Perhaps we should’ve stuck to a project that she could’ve taken home finished! But if I’m being honest I’m the queen of semi-finished projects. They always gets finished…eventually!