It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving was a week ago.  Our home has been transformed into a winter wonderland and the outside lights are shining nightly. Presents have been purchased. The kids have drawn names for sibling gifts. We’ve watched Elf and the Grinch. We’ve read our favorite book – the book we start with every Christmas season, Christmas Day in the Morning. And it’s only the first of December.

We’ve got our first party this weekend where Bennett and Hunter are  participating in the nativity. Hallie participates in a nativity on Tuesday and somewhere in there we’ll make a visit to Santa. We’re really working with the kids every day to focus on someone in need and we’re filling a manger with straw every day for acts of kindness. (Here’s a great website for ideas of service every day – love this program, especially this time of year.)

It’s still high 70’s and low 80’s so despite Bennett’s pleadings we are holding out for cooler weather before we start drinking hot chocolate. I told him when he stops wearing shorts to school or starts taking a sweatshirt in the morning it may be hot chocolate weather!

This month is already shaping up to be my favorite month of the year. 😉 Bring on December!