14 years ago we were young and in love and didn’t take a second thought to being married just 5 days before Christmas. (The stress our parents must have felt!) And now that we’re parents ourselves we struggle to find the time 5 days before Christmas to even sneak away for an afternoon or evening. We definitely need to start celebrating another time of year!

We are great together. We have our struggles and we work through them. We don’t always agree but it doesn’t turn to anger. We make each other laugh (and we like to argue as to who is the funniest or most witty!) He likes to go out to eat and watch movies, and I like to tear out the front yard and build furniture. He’s a more compassionate parent and I tend to be more strict. He likes to go to bed early and I like to stay up late. And yet we work really well together. We share the same faith and vision for our family and we complement each other. When I need to break down he knows how to be strong and the same goes the other way. We work hard at us and we’re committed. I love that we’re in this together.

(And I love that Steve is still wearing the tie that he wore on our wedding day – even if it only gets worn in the month of December!)