Our Christmas book collection continues to grow every year; both fun and playful and deep and spiritual. We’ve got all varieties. I had some great recommendations from readers last year that I picked up after Christmas and they got shoved in a box so it was a fun surprise to open the box and find new books my kids hadn’t looked through. I know some people wrap the books and open one every night but that just doesn’t work for us or our December schedule. The books are there all month long for the kids to look through and read whenever they feel like it.

Favorite Christmas Books

The books sit on a shelf in the living room and I find them left on the couches most every day after the kids have read through them. Some nights we read together as a family (we always choose our very favorites as a family) and some nights the kids read them to each other. But usually by the time Christmas rolls around we’ve gone through most of them. Here’s what’s sitting on our shelf now:

Snowmen at Christmas
Christmas Oranges
The Mansion
The Miracle of the Wooden Shoes
A Christmas Dress for Ellen
Christmas Bell for Anya
Christmas Day in the Morning (The first book we read every Christmas season)
Llama Llama Holiday Drama
Forgotten Carols
The Christmas Train
The Tale of Three Trees
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
Polar Express
The Christmas Candle
The Gift of the Magi
Drummer Boy
C is for Christmas
The First Christmas
The Visit
Great Joy
The Christmas Sweater (illustrated)
Snow Angels
Christmas Carol
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Olive, the Other Reindeer
Twelve Days of Christmas (Pop-up book)
Twas the Night Before Christmas (Pop-up book) (Our Christmas Eve book)
Christmas Sweater (novel)
Secret Santa
Christmas Jars
Christmas Parade
Beyond Bethlehem
A Christmas Story
Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree
The Crippled Lamb
The Three Gifts
Mary, Did You Know
I Believe in Santa Clause

Favorite Christmas Books

The kids know their time with these books is limited – they make sure to get through them before they’re boxed back up until the following Christmas. Is there anything more special than reading a Christmas book by tree light? I love this time of year.




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