I remember walking into a neighbor’s house at Christmas time a few years back. The house smelled of cinnamon and the decor looked as though it came from a magazine. At the kitchen table several of her grandchildren were busy putting together a Christmas puzzle. It was an iconic holiday picture.

It reminded me of my own grandmother’s house growing up that had a puzzle on a card table set up at Christmas time – the same puzzle year after year.

Since then, I’ve wanted a Christmas puzzle on our table. This week I finally made it happen. We’ve had a few casualties with Briggs stealing pieces, but I think we’ve recovered all of them!

We’re still not finished, but we’re close. All the kids have taken time to sit down and put some pieces on. We’ve watched several Christmas movies and listened to Christmas music while sitting at that table. It’s Christmas and I love it! (and the house smells like cinnamon!)Christmas Puzzle