Here’s life according to my phone lately.

Briggs has found he likes the game closet. My days are spent cleaning up after a toddler.

ASU football is over now, but we made it to all the games and have pictures from most of them to prove it. We went with friends, we went with family, we stayed out late, we nearly croaked due to heat exhaustion and we have temporarily hearing loss from sitting near the visiting band…and we loved it. At least most of it – when Briggs was happy or at home sleeping!

Hunter is loving his time in cub scouts and I love it too when there’s cotton candy involved.

Our lego costumes made the Today Parents instagram and Facebook page – the kids were so little then!

Speaking of Halloween costumes – It feels good to have that project behind me. Here’s Steve costume in progress.

My Halloween costume involved some fancy Cindy Lou Who hair. I had a friend text and tell me she wanted to see my hair when I took it out. Here’s the process as I let it out. The red cup was just sitting on my head – no bobby pins or anything else. Just hair wrapped around it and secured with a ponytail. Unfortunately we had two dress up days three days apart which meant I had to do my hair twice.

I went to my first Suns game with Steve and some friends. My friend and I made the big screen but we were busy talking to notice. 🙂

Thank you Chick-fil-a for being a great blend of kid friendly and food parents will actually eat!

Hallie went to Feed my Starving Children with her church group – she’s made it a goal to go 5 times this year.

Sunday afternoon snuggles on the porch.

Cannon loves going for stroller rides and loves them even more when he’s got his little friend as a co-pilot on their way to preschool.

Bennett had a little father/son date to Ihop. Bennett couldn’t imagine a restaurant that serves breakfast all. day. long. A pancake with whipped cream larger than his face was more than he could handle.

Hallie’s church volleyball group – Hallie said she’d like volleyball more if it didn’t hurt her wrists so bad. Amen sister.

After cutting down two large orange trees, Steve then had to painfully fill the dumpster with all the remains. It was a process but he made it all fit with his strategic planning and smashing of branches.

What did we do before phones documented our lives??