Hallie participated in her school’s wax museum right before Thanksgiving. Each kid in the grade was assigned an inventor. Of course Hallie would’ve preferred to choose an inventor, but that’s not how it works – she was assigned Charles Goodyear, a man neither one of us knew much about.

I kind of felt as though the kids should’ve been able to choose who they wanted to do such a large report on, but after she was done I was glad it was assigned. Charles Goodyear is a man she would’ve never chosen yet the information was fascinating. A man who spent his entire life trying to figure out rubber of all things. He died fairly young with a huge debt to his name – only to have the process he discovered make it big after his death. Most would think Goodyear tires would be of some relation, but it’s not. The man who started Goodyear tires basically named it in his honor.

She wrote a report and made a display board. She then had to write a speech and present it at the museum while dressed the part. She did a great job and as you can tell worked really hard on the project. She earned that grade!

Charles Goodyear