I took a blogging hiatus for the last week so I could focus on celebrating Christmas with my family and it was nice. I write here to document the life of our family and sometimes that interferes with being with my family. Sometimes it means I’m staying up late writing and editing pictures when really I should be tucked in bed just like my kids. Which is why it was nice to consciously step away for a bit and just live.

The consequence to that is I took pictures even though I wasn’t blogging which means I have even more pictures now to sort through and catalog and then write about it. Its a good thing I enjoy it – I would’ve given up this blog long ago if it felt like a chore (don’t get me wrong – there are still times it feels like a chore, but for the most part it is enjoyable!).

And so I start another year of documenting family adventures, projects, recipes and anything else that seems to take place within our family so it can be later printed out as a book and placed on our bookshelf. Happy new year.