Here’s life according to our phones in December.

Cannon came home from his friend’s house with this little polaroid picture. We’ve taped it to the inside of the kitchen cabinet and every time I open it, I have to smile.

Briggs’ is discovering the art of Selfies!

And he’s finally warming-up to family members. We went to a gathering before Christmas and he was a little quiet, but he climbed up on my sister-in-law’s lap and sat there for a good amount of time. Other’s tried luring him away from her but he was not about to move. After Christmas when Steve’s brother came to town to visit, the minute they walked in the door, he ran straight to them and gave them hugs. This is serious progress.

Steve had a buddy invite him to a Suns game. They left and I got a call just two minutes later. There was an extra ticket not spoken for – Hunter was in! His first professional basketball game and it was a good one.

I love this picture of santa that the bass pro shop gave us – with Santa’s eyes closed. Luckily I had my camera as well. But we still hung this one up because the kids thought it was great.

Steve and I celebrated 14 years of marriage. Wow. We’re definitely better together.

Hallie’s first time hiking camelback – and the helicopter that came really close was the highlight!

The kids sleeping under the tree the night before Christmas eve – because we’re not nice enough to let them do it on Christmas eve! 🙂

Found this gem. Not sure who did it!

Briggs all dressed up for Christmas eve Sunday service – decked out in his dapper bow tie. He surprisingly left it on the whole time.

After a dinner with Steve’s brother and wife we were walking them back out to our car when we found that some friends had dropped off some glasses on our doorstep. They are special 3D Christmas glasses that turn all the lights into special shapes – candy canes, snowmen, reindeer – and so many more. We had tried them before but Bob and Virginia had never heard of them so we had them try them out. The funniest exchange took place. They were fascinated by what they were seeing and could not be more amazed with the technology behind these simple paper glasses – like a kid on Christmas morning! We had a good laugh as they marveled at all they were seeing. Funny enough – my brother and his family who were also here a few days later were equally excited and fascinated with them.

Cannon all bundled up for a “chilly” Arizona morning.

Some birthday smoothie love from our friends at Dutch Bros. I’m not a coffee drinker but I am impressed with that business. There is always a line of cars and a line of people standing outside – and there’s a starbucks across the street. They’re clearly doing something right!

Getting ready to ring in the new year and I couldn’t help but chuckle with Cannon’s placement of his glasses over his coat. A coat that was a little overkill for sparklers!

And with that – December is wrapped up on our phones!