We all have dreams. Sometimes these dreams are personal and they sit deep within our mind or heart and perhaps never shared. Some dreams are easier shared.

Want to know one of my dreams? To own an RV. Yes, to many this may seem ridiculous – but I’ve wanted one for a while now and no, I’ve never actually traveled in an RV for more than a couple hours – and never with my kids.

And yet – every year as I start planning my trek north to see family during the summer, I wish I was doing it in an RV. I’ve got some intense road trips mapped out just waiting for an RV. Driving up to Glacier National park and then even further north to Banff National park in Canada and coming down through Yellowstone. Driving up the California coast and up to the Oregon coast. Driving back east to see church history sites. And even further east to see our nations historical landmarks. Those trips are possible in a car but with younger children would be made infinitely better in an RV (at least in mind it appears that way). I just want to show my kids what our country has to offer.

Will I actually ever own one? Probably not – it’s not really practical when I could rent one every summer if I really wanted to. And who knows – we might try it out once and realize it’s not as dreamy as I’ve made it out in my mind. But until then, I’ll keep dreaming. As I pass RVs on the freeway I often wonder what fun adventure they’re off to – what are they going to see that they’ve never seen before.