The kids went to bed last night and I found myself at the computer finishing up some work projects. Before long my work to-do list was really short. Which meant I moved on to my personal to-do list. And when I crushed that list, I was left looking at the computer wondering what I should do. There’s always plenty I can work on – but the watercolors from Christmas were calling my name. Really, I probably should’ve cleaned off my desk! But instead, I set the watercolors right on top of the pile already on the desk and I pulled up some how-to videos.

watercolor calligraphy

Before long my brushes were full of color and I was really enjoying it. It’s unlike any medium I’ve ever used but I absolutely loved it. The ink stayed fluid for so long I could move it and manipulate it, even as it started to dry. Even after a half hour, I went to move the page and realized there was still some wet ink. I’m wishing I knew how to draw something – anything really! I’ll stick to calligraphy for now but there are watercolor flowers in my future.

It’s a new year and I’m trying new things. I have so many ideas and so many passions that it’s hard to limit myself to what I already know. On top of it all I’m a wife and mother which really is my highest priority. I’m finding the balance between it all is to involve the people I love in what I’m doing. Hallie is my handwriting buddy. She sits and practices with me and I’m impressed with her progression. This morning when she woke up and saw my watercolor papers she said, “Oh, I can’t wait to try watercolors mom.” I can’t wait to have her by my side as we practice.