Here’s a compilation of what book is on everyone’s nightstand right now.

Steve is reading Heart to Heart – an autobiography by Russel M Nelson – written when he was an apostle in our church. Steve picked up this book to read last year and for some reason or another never really got into it. Nelson was just announced as the prophet of our church when Thomas S. Monson passed away recently. Steve now has a renewed energy to read this autobiography.


Like many across the nation, I fell in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines when Fixer Upper became popular. I read the Magnolia Story last year which was a quick and easy read, mostly from Joanna’s perspective. Capital Gaines showed up in my Christmas loot (thanks to Amazon wish list), which is the story from his perspective and his insights. I think they’re really fun as a couple and I love what they stand for as far as family and priorities is concerned.


Hallie reads many of her books on the kindle, using our public library for ebook loans. The only downside to this is you’re at the mercy of when books are available. She fell in love with the Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer last summer.  Unfortunately, they are really popular and she was on a wait list for a long time. She was really excited when Land of Stories 3 finally became available to her.


Hunter received the Percy Jackson series for Christmas and I was a little unsure as to if he would be interested in it. He’s not been one for fantasy up to this point – but most everyone I talked to had kids that loved this series (aside from Hallie who had to read it for school and didn’t love it, but also didn’t care for Harry Potter). So far, it’s peaked his interest. He’s not one to devour books but he’s consistently reading it which is what I love to see.


Bennett is on one of his first chapter books – Freckle Juice by Judy Blume. Transitioning from picture books to chapter books is a big step. He’s started a couple books and after reading a chapter or two he moved on to another book. Freckle juice is keeping his interest and he’s almost finished. Bennett’s reading time is unique in the fact that he’s also reading in spanish and he has a stack of early reader spanish books by his bed as well.



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