I love to shoot photos, yet I often find myself in a rut. I shoot the same pictures. I capture the same expressions. I have many years of similar photos. But they capture a moment in time and for that I’m grateful.

I have to really work to step outside my box, but when I do – I’m never left disappointed. Some of those outside the box photos are my very favorite images.  But it’s easy to fall back into what’s comfortable in photography. Many times I’ve given myself photo projects to give motivation to my shooting. Sometimes they’re small projects and can be completed relatively easy – other times I get a quarter through the project  and ask myself what in the world was I thinking. Cannon’s first year photos are some of my very favorite images but more than a couple times I was willing to throw in the towel because I was tired and didn’t want to shoot. But the need to finish superseded my wanting to stop. I cherish the finished project.

I was ready to step out of comfort zone just a little recently and set a goal to shoot more video. Not like the home videos you might remember from your youth – the five minutes solid of you twirling in the living room over and over again. Instead, I set a goal to shoot a second or two every day – enough to tell a short story. Sometimes it was at the end of the day when I remembered I still needed footage, but I got it in! Some days I had several small clips and I chose which one fit best (typically based on who was in the clip – It made me realize who is more willing to be in front of the camera!) other days, I had just one.

But I made it 31 days and not only do I love it – my kids love it and have already watched it over and over again. And then the thought occurred to me, could I really do this for a year? I’m not sure if I can handle a daily project. But I’ll try it out another month and see how it goes. Who knows!

Never before have video cameras been more accessible to us – could you shoot for just one second for a whole month? A year?