She went to junior high orientation today. She was beyond excited and came home giving me a full report of all the important things regarding electives and such. As we sat on the couch and she recalled all the people she saw there – her cousin and friends from other schools, I started to zone out just a bit.

Who was this girl talking about lockers and summer school electives? She babbled on about how large the school was and how she hopes she has PE later in the day as to opposed to first thing in the morning. What classes she was thinking about. She talked about school tours and hoping for a lunch assignment with friends.

She seemed so old.

I refocused just about the time she thrusted a packet of information into my hands with class descriptions and semester plans. Agonizing about wanting to take a wood working class but not wanting to waste an elective on the prerequisite class. So many decisions.

Luckily- she can go from talking about electives to making up a silly dance with Cannon and I see my little girl again – if only for a glimpse!

Hallie Close up

Nikon D750 | 85mm lens | 1/160 | f 2.2