Here’s some random thoughts…

Music is a big part of my every day life. If I’m not listening to music, I’m usually singing. I was in the kitchen cleaning and singing Blackbird by the Beatles. I heard the quietest voice behind me singing along. I turned around and saw Cannon. I kept singing and he kept singing with me. Finally, I stopped and asked him how he knew that song. He shrugged his shoulders. It dawned on me it must be from a movie he’s watched and when I asked him what movie he heard that on he smirked, “Boss baby”. Thank you Dreamworks for introducing my son to a classic.

Speaking of music – when we went to Mexico with friends, I made a road trip mix cd. (like I used to when I was 16!) We had every family turn in three songs anonymously that their family liked or that represented their family. We gave everyone a CD at the beginning of the trip and had them listen to it driving down. The first night we were there we went through all the songs and voted who we thought chose what songs. And of course then justified some of those choices. It was hilarious to listen to some rationalize their choices or to hear stories behind certain songs. That CD will now always remind me of this trip.

I’m amazed at how many “junk” emails I get on a daily basis. I unsubscribe like crazy and yet I feel as though I keep getting emails from the companies I unsubscribe from. Then the companies I’m okay getting emails from once in a while feel the need to send one every day. I love Gap. I shop Gap. But every single day I’m getting separate emails from Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. And it will be the same sale for four days yet they send it to me daily. Some of them I don’t delete right away because it has a coupon code I might need. And then it gets to the bottom of the page and once it shifts to the second page I’ll probably have that email forever. Confession – My email inbox is a disaster.

I think I might be the only person left who has yet to see this movie. Hallie saw it with friends over Christmas break but I was sick that day and I bailed. I’ve had good intentions to go but it just hasn’t worked out. But just because I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean the soundtrack hasn’t been on repeat for almost a month and a half. Three of the songs showed up on the Mexico mix CD and Hunter has been practicing From Now On on the piano. I feel like I know the story just because I know every word of every song. I’m still hoping to make it before it leaves theaters!

I feel as though my kids are out of school more than they’re in school. They’re out this day and that day. Every Wednesday is early release and then some Wednesdays are early early release. And then they’re out for two weeks and a week after coming back…surprise! It’s parent/teacher conference and they’re out early the whole week. And then a three day weekend..Perhaps we wouldn’t have to start the first or second week in August if we just sent our kids to school when they were supposed to be in school! It’s hard to keep track! Give us our summers back!

We’ve done a lot of yelling at our tv the last week and a half for the Olympics. There are gasps when big falls happen or groans when landings aren’t made. Hallie keeps us updated daily on the medal count and we’re all a little disappointed the US isn’t coming home with a few more gold medals. Our kids have caught the spirit of the games and are eager to turn on the TV after dinner every night. We’re enjoying these last few nights.