We made our annual visit to the zoo over Christmas break which was made ten times more fun by going with friends (who also have the Pogo pass = which allows us to entertain our kids all year round!)

I think part of the reason why the zoo is just an annual event and not more frequent is the fact that it’s not a great zoo. I’ve been to some cool zoos – in fact we had annual passes when we lived in Milwaukee. But we live in a desert and our zoo definitely represents that. It’s not pretty. It’s a lot of walking in-between seeing displays which makes you lose interest fast. Often times it’s hot and the animals are either inside or lying down. You get the picture – if you’re ever visiting, the PHX zoo should be lower on the list of things to do.

But we make sure to enjoy it the best we can once a year. Besides – our kids don’t have a lot to compare it to so they think it’s just fine!

Every kid looked at the map and chose the animal that was must see for them. We meandered through the park until every kid was satisfied (and we still didn’t see everything!). Even then we were there for almost 2 1/2 hours.

With that many kids we are our own special kind of zoo!