I like to save my big complicated building projects for the spring when I can have my dad come visit and help me out – his precision is key! And although my project list is a mile long – I currently have my sights laser focused on an upcoming kitchen remodel that will take all of my project budget.  I need to get that remodel behind me so I can go back to spending time on other building projects or even other areas in the house that need remodeled (We still have two areas with mauve carpet!)

Luckily my dad was willing to come down for a visit and help with my replace/repair list. You know the running list most homeowner’s have at any given time. A list I’ve been slow at getting to since Briggs was born two years ago. Repair this leak. Replace this light and that light. Work on this…work on that. The list is never ending and he worked through that list with me. He even helped me out by helping Hallie with a project she’s working on to make money. He is generous with his time and skills and I’m forever grateful.

Can you tell its basketball season? There was a lot of basketball this past week. Too many games of PIG to even count. Hallie’s proud moment was when she stole a win from Grandpa.

Not sure who he’s making a face at but Bennett was just glad it wasn’t him!

This was my dad just minutes before we were leaving for the airport: Finishing the installation of a ladder for the playhouse – that has been on the list for three years. I’m beyond grateful for his help. Steve is even more grateful for his help because fixing things in the house isn’t Steve’s specialty.

The best part is looking around my house and seeing my dad’s hand in so much of it! Love that man.